lsc students use social media to market themselves professionally

LSC students are learning best practices in social media marketing from industry leader and LSC Faculty Associate Don Stanley.

lsc432_student“Students are learning how to use digital marketing and social media tools in a strategic way,” says Stanley.

Students learn how to prepare for their futures in the professional world through marketing themselves. “The goal is to learn how to use the tools to build their personal visibility and brand,” explains Stanley.

Over the course of the semester students will create a blog and use social media tools to market it. During this time well-known names in the industry of social media and blogging share their experiences of how they made it big using Spreecast, a video platform.

To provide real world insight, students work with a client, typically a non-profit organization. “What we do is provide an assessment of their current activities and come up with a set of recommendations and action steps for them to use the best tools appropriately,” says Stanley.

Senior and LSC student Doug Johnson is taking the class, “mainly because of the hype.”

Johnson, creator and owner of Bio-Boards, a balance training and rehabilitation tool is using the information learned in LSC 432 to market his company and personal brand.

lsc432_students2“I’m interested in creating change through social media,” says Johnson. “I hope to feel comfortable with the social media tools in a strategic, straightforward manner.”

LSC alum Erin Podolak did just that. An aspiring science writer who was having trouble getting in the industry, used the tools from the class last spring and ended up featured as an up and coming science writer in Scientific American.

Podalak’s blog, Science Decoded, helped her land a science writing job along with the opportunity to travel all over the United States and Europe to speak about how scientists can use social media to share their message.

As students learn to market their brand through social media tools, ‘#lsc432’ is keeping them connected and social!

Article written by Lauren Etter, Undergraduate Digital Marketing Strategist. Photos by Lauren Etter and Jill Peters, Undergraduate Photographer.