Recent Ph.D. Graduates



Nicky Krause, 2023
Dissertation: “How anti-science discourse limits research and action on science polarization”
First Job: Researcher I, Department of Life Sciences Communication (John Templeton Foundation grant)

Shiyu Yang, 2023
Dissertation: “Toward equitable science communication in an algorithmically infused society: Understanding media and message antecedents to knowledge of wicked science issues”
First Job: Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Mikhaila Calice, 2023
Dissertation: “Resilient or sustainable? Using a community-engaged approach to explore the effectiveness communication and public engagement for addressing wicked issues in local contexts”
First Job: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Life Sciences Communication and Department of Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics (Department of Energy grant)

Richard Heinrich, 2023
Dissertation: “The perceived threat of aquatic invasive species: Exploring the influence of social norms and the social perception of threat on public attitudes towards (un)controversial scientific issues”

First Job: Senior Consumer Insights Strategist, Wisconsin School of Business

Luye Bao, 2022
Dissertation: “Scientists’ perspectives on the social impacts and regulations of artificial intelligence: Values, media use, professional characteristics, and openness to inclusion of social science input”
First Job: Assistant Professor, Peking University HSBC Business School 

Christopher Wirz, 2021
Dissertation: “Risk perceptions for wicked issues: Toward more nuanced risk communication”
First Job: Postdoctoral Fellow, National Center for Atmospheric Research

April Eichmeier, 2020
Dissertation: “Politically relevant science entertainment: A pathway to engagement with the social and political dimensions of controversial science”
First Job: Assistant Professor, University of St. Thomas

Kate Rose, 2019
Dissertation: “The intersection of science and public: Science deniers, misinformation, and a future for public engagement”
First Job: Postdoctoral Fellow, Dartmouth College

Laura Witzling, 2018
Dissertation: “Communication and local food: Exploring the roles of selective exposure, social exposure, and lifestyle”
First Job: Assistant Professor, Iowa State University

Patrice Kohl, 2018
Dissertation: “Communicating conservation in a time of ecological and technical change”
First Job: Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida

Yan Liu, 2018
Dissertation: “Social support, change talk, and people’s health: Investigation of social support solicitation, provision, and change talk in digital alcohol use disorders and substance use disorders support groups”
First Job: Assistant Professor, Shanghai University 

Haley Madden, 2017
Dissertation: “Health, health communication and identity in (unrecognized) Indian Country: A community-based research project with the Brothertown Indian Nation”
First Job: Community-Engaged Scholarship Specialist, Morgridge Center for Public Service

Kristin Runge, 2017
Dissertation: “‘Social’ science, spider goats and American science audiences: Investigating the effects of interpersonal networks on perceptions of emerging technologies”
First Job: Mass Communications and Marketing Researcher, Center for Community and Economic Development

Timothy Tynan, 2017
Dissertation: “Tribal youth media: Towards a positive tribal youth development model”
First Job: Founder, Youth on Assignment

Molly Wilkinson, 2016
Dissertation: “Chemicals, tainted water, news and new media in Appalachia: Communicating risk in and environmental health crisis”
First Job: Solution Specialist, Deloitte Consulting

Leona Yi-Fan Su, 2016
Dissertation: “Incivility in online comments: Mapping the environment and mechanisms of influence”
First Job: Assistant Professor, University of Utah

Xuan Liang, 2015
Dissertation: “Expressing political disagreement on social media and the impact of exposure to disagreement on public understanding of controversial science.”
First Job: Business Analyst, Centific

Heather Akin, 2015
Dissertation: “The role of values, norms, and media use in public perceptions of climate change: A cross-cultural and U.S. analysis”
First Job: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

Jill Hopke, 2015
Dissertation: “Contesting technologies in the networked society: A case study of hydraulic fracturing and shale development”
First Job: Assistant Professor, DePaul University

Nan Li, 2015
Dissertation: “The science-policy interface as a communication process: Exploring how policy decision-makers perceive science-driven policy and make evidence-based decisions on the nuclear fuel cycle”
First Job: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

Meg Turville-Heitz, 2015
Dissertation: “Negotiating mine field: public policy, protest and proposed Penokee mine”
First Job: Grant Program Director, Wisconsin Humanities Council

Doo-hun Choi, 2014
Dissertation: “The politicization and polarization of science in the process of public opinion formation: Exploring how citizens process information about scientific issues”
First Job: Assistant Professor, Konkuk University

Jiyoun Kim, 2014
Dissertation: “The dynamics of engagement with news content in online environment: Exploring the role of normative social cues in risk communication”
First Job: Lecturer, University of Kentucky

Camille Rogers, 2014
Dissertation: “A community of (hybrid) practice: Identifying the cultural influences of journalism, academic extension and blogging within the external PLOS blogs network”
First Job: Writing Coach & Technical Writer, Naval Postgraduate School

James T. Spartz, 2014
Dissertation: “Public perceptions on bioenergy in a mixed-use landscape: Framing effects, trusted sources, place attachment and information seeking in southwest Wisconsin”
First Job: Assistant Professor, Unity College

Sara K. Yeo, 2014
Dissertation: “Selecting our own science: The role of communication contexts and individual traits in media selectivity”
First Job: Assistant Professor, University of Utah

Michael A. Cacciatore, 2013
Dissertation: “Differentiating the applicability of constructs from their accessibility: Returning to a narrow conceptualization of framing effects in communication research”
First Job: Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

Juli Hinds, 2013
Dissertation: “Projecting Nature: Eco-criticism and the post-World War II western”
First Job: Assistant Professor, Medaille College

Pamela Nevar, 2013
Dissertation: “Effects of social cause placement within entertainment television programming”
First Job: Managing Editor, Annals of Surgery

Ashley A. Anderson, 2012
Dissertation: “The social context of online news: How incivility in online comments impacts public perceptions of and public engagement with science”
First Job: Postdoctoral Fellow, George Mason University

Marilyn Andrews, 2012
Dissertation: “Mapuche communication and self-representation: Indigenous expressions of identity via new media”
First Job: Teacher, Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic High School

Kajsa Dalrymple, 2011
Dissertation: “Making waves: Mass media, opinion leaders, and the campaign for environmental change”
First Job: Assistant Professor, The University of Iowa

Amy B. Becker, 2010
Dissertation: “Fresh politics: comedy, celebrity, and the promise of new political outlooks”
First Job: Assistant Professor, Towson University

Andrew R. Binder, 2010
Dissertation: “Mass media, the negotiation of meaning, and social transformations of risk: Public opinion dynamics surrounding the establishment of the national bio- and agro-defense facility”
First Job: Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University

Timothy K. F. Fung, 2010
Dissertation: “Value framing, cultural cognitive systems and cultural cognition: Exploring how media framing effect vary across and within culture”
First Job: Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University

Sara Steffes Hansen, 2009
Dissertation: “Brands and social interaction of avatars: An exploration in a virtual world”
First Job: Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Tsung-Jen Shih, 2009
Dissertation: “Predicting attitudes toward nanotechnology: The influence of cultural and predispositional values”
First Job: Assistant Professor, National Chengchi University

Patrisia Gonzales, 2008
Dissertation: “Birth is a ceremony: Story and formulas of thought in indigenous medicine and indigenous communications”
First Job: Assistant Professor, University of Arizona

Jerralyn Moudry, 2008
Dissertation: “Perceived value congruence and family communication patterns as predictors of parental television mediation”
First Job: Assistant Professor, Wisconsin Lutheran College

Roberto Garcia Rodriguez, 2008
Dissertation: “Centeotzintli: Sacred maize a 7000 year ceremonial discourse”
First Job: Assistant Professor, University of Arizona

Shirley Soo Yee Ho, 2008
Dissertation: “Value predispositions, communication, and attitudes toward nanotechnology: The interplay of public and experts”
First Job: Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University

Donna Van Bogaert, 2007
Dissertation: “How women with breast cancer use and experience and ehealth information and support system: Do cognitive style preferences yield to survival-based thinking”
First Job: Branch Chief-Information, Resources & Dissemination Branch, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health