LSC faculty awarded NSF $450,000 grant to reduce polarization about new science

Story by Madison Brunett. Madison is an undergraduate student majoring in LSC and the Department of Life Sciences Communication’s 2018-19 Lenore Landry Scholar. [caption id="attachment_12966" align="alignright" width="369"] Photo from National Human Genome Research Institute. Credit: Ernesto del Aguila III, NHGRI.[/caption] Imagine having the ability to rid the world of genetically inherited diseases. Scientists have created a gene-editing tool called CRISPR/Cas-9 that allows scientists to edit heritable and non-heritable genes at a faster rate and lower cost. This could lead to the elimination of diseases such as sickle-cell anemia and cystic fibrosis in the near future.
October 17, 2018

LSC alum Dennis Dimick visits campus to engage with Wisconsin audiences about the Anthropocene

Life Sciences Communication Master’s alum, Dennis Dimick (’74) recently visited campus to speak during the Wisconsin Science Festival. Dimick has worked as journalist, photographer, and editor for various newspapers. He served as the executive environment editor for National Geographic magazine, and was a picture editor for the National Geographic Society for more than 35 years until retiring in December 2015. Dimick is the Co-founder of Eyes on Earth, an educational collaborative meant to inspire a new generation of environmental photographers, and the 2013 recipient of the Charles M. Sprague award for service to photojournalism.
October 22, 2018
LSC Career Panel Alumni

Career Panel brings Alumni to Hiram Smith Hall

There are many exciting career opportunities and challenges faced by the next generation of early career science communicators as they transition into the professional industry. Last week in the department, LSC alumni from various companies came together to provide career development advice and guidance for LSC students at all stages of their careers. [caption id="attachment_13027" align="aligncenter" width="475"] LSC alumni panelists (Left to Right): Kylie Gullett, Amy Olejniczak, Kate Rodgers, and Julia Tweeten[/caption]
October 29, 2018

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