LSC researchers discuss factors that improve hunter recruitment and retention

LSC doctoral candidate Beth Ryan and Assistant Professor Bret Shaw have published a review article in a recent issue of Human Dimensions of Wildlife on ways to improve hunter recruitment and retention.

In the article, “Improving Hunter Recruitment and Retention,” Ryan and Shaw argue that in order to counter declining participation in hunting, recruitment programs need to focus on the role of mentorship. In addition, in order to reach non-traditional populations new strategies are needed. They suggest focusing on strategies that highlight hunting as an “activity that encourages time outdoors, creates a deep appreciation for nature, and benefits the environment may be among the most effective ways to frame hunting in order to recruit and retain hunters” (p. 316).

This publication was produced as part of a two year project exploring ways to improve hunter recruitment and retention that was funded by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. You can access the full text of the article here.