LSC welcomes Dexter Patterson and his digital media expertise to LSC’s team of world class instructors

LSC teaching faculty Dexter Patterson

We at LSC are excited to present our newest teaching faculty, Dexter Patterson! Dexter Patterson will be working alongside our team of world class instructors to prepare LSC students to succeed in the rapidly changing digital world of tomorrow.

Dexter Patterson (B.S.,’14), began his undergraduate career at Madison College and was introduced to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Life Sciences Communication program at a college transfer career program. LSC, being a leader in science communication and digital media, was a perfect fit for Patterson. 

The knowledge Patterson learned and connections he made as a student at LSC helped him excel in his professional career. During his senior capstone, Patterson worked for Madison Magazine, and was offered a position at the magazine after graduation. The media and production knowledge from his LSC degree allowed him to flourish and stay on top of the ever-changing social media environment.

Before returning to LSC as a member of the teaching staff, Patterson worked across campus from Hiram Smith at the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) as their social media manager. There, Patterson still manages the non-profit’s digital and social media presence. Patterson has worked for the nonprofit for seven years, using his expertise in social media development and advertising to keep UW-Madison alumni connected with campus.

Dexter Patterson teaching students in LSC 360: Information Radio. Photo by Althea Dotzour/UW-Madison

In the spring of 2022, Patterson was hired to teach LSC 450: Digital Photography, a class he took himself as an undergrad. The course is focused on digital storytelling through photography. In class, Patterson uses his knowledge and expertise in the field to teach photographic principles and techniques that turn even complete beginners into knowledgeable photographers. Students are not required to rent or own professional cameras as Patterson teaches his students to use their smartphones to capture unique and compelling images. This allows students to succeed as digital storytellers, without the need for expensive or inaccessible technology. Lastly, Patterson encourages his students to be creative and think on their feet, preparing them for fast-paced roles in digital media and communication. 

This fall, Patterson was interviewed for a full time position and was hired to teach three courses in media production: LSC 450, LSC 360: Information Radio, and LSC 314: Introduction to Digital Video Production. 

LSC 360, previously taught by professor emeritus Larry Meiller, is focused on teaching students the basics of audio production. Students are tasked with researching, recording, and editing their own stories about news, science, and technology, using professional programs such as Adobe Audition. “Radio gives voices to the voiceless,” says Patterson. “[The students] are seeing that there’s power when there’s a platform and that they can use their voice to tell some amazing stories.” Additionally throughout the course, students will learn how to conduct interviews, find sources, and even how to create radio advertisements and public service announcements. The students final project will be aired on WSUM at the end of the fall semester, giving students an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to create content for an actual radio station.

Dexter Patterson introducing guest speaker Latif Nasser in LSC 360. Photo by Althea Dotzour/UW-Madison.

In LSC 314, students have the opportunity to use LSC’s professional level recording and lighting equipment to produce high quality video. LSC 314 tackles video production from the ground up, allowing students to learn script writing, video editing, and how to shoot a professional video. Patterson is preparing students to be leaders in video production and management, whether that be as a social media manager or a documentary producer. 

As an instructor, Patterson’s favorite part of teaching is learning from his students every week. Patterson says he was “blown away, not because I didn’t know how bright and how amazing badger students were, but that I had the opportunity not only to teach them, but to learn from them.” As the digital landscape shifts and changes, Patterson’s mission is to prepare students to be the communications leaders of the future.

“The goal of LSC is to prepare our students for the challenges of tomorrow,” says Dominique Brossard, professor and chair in LSC. “We are excited to have Dexter join our team of instructors at the forefront of science communication education.”


Written by: Julia Wiessing, LSC B.S. ’23 and LSC’s 2022-2023 Lenore Landry Scholar
Published: November 2022