Dominique Brossard receives two major UW-Madison honors

LSC professor and chair Dominique Brossard receives the 2020 Arthur Maurer Extra Mile Award and the UW-Madison Kellett Mid-Career Award

We are excited to announce that LSC professor and chair Dominique Brossard has been awarded the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS)’s 2020 Arthur Maurer Extra Mile Award and the UW-Madison Kellett Mid-Career Award in the same week!

These awards recognize Brossard’s success as both a mentor to students and one of the world’s leading researchers in science communication. Our department prides itself on attracting faculty that not only take their research seriously but are also great teachers and mentors to the students.

“This is an incredible honor to receive not only an award for my research but my pedagogy as well,” said Brossard. “I am grateful that my time with UW-Madison and LSC has allowed me to excel in both of these aspects throughout my career.”

The Arthur Maurer Extra Mile Award recognizes a CALS faculty or academic staff member who has shown unusual concern for students and has provided service far beyond the call of duty. Recipients of the Extra Mile Award of the have a track record of impact on the students’ education, career plans, leadership, or other aspects of students’ lives.

Art Maurer was a long-time professor in CALS and was extremely active in his department, as well as campus-wide, nationally, and internationally. His wife, Ellen, established the award in Art’s memory. Ellen taught in the LSC department at one point during her career.

“Our university has many great mentors,” says LSC’s Director of Undergraduate Studies Dietram Scheufele. “But to see someone recognized for going the extra mile for students while being Department Chair and one of the top social scientists in the country is just very exciting for everyone in LSC.”

The Kellett Mid-Career Award is named in honor of William R. Kellett, a Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) Trustee and President of the WARF Board. A Wisconsin native and graduate of the College of Engineering and an enthusiastic supporter of the University, he held an abiding commitment to the reform and progress of Wisconsin’s educational institutions.

As a major campus-wide award, the Kellett award recognizes Brossard’s academic success and provides an opportunity for the continued development of her outstanding research program at UW-Madison. Support for this award is provided by the UW-Madison Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education with funding from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

“Dominique is the perfect recipient for these awards because she clearly represents the ideals and achievements the awards were intended to recognize,” says Chair of the LSC Award Committee and professor emeritus Larry Meiller.

Congratulations Dr. Dominique Brossard!