LSC co-sponsored talk on the neuroscience of art

coordinated seeingLSC joins an impressive partnership supporting scientists and artists in a free, all-day symposium on the neuroscience of art Friday, Nov. 1 at the UW Chazen Museum auditorium. The UW McPherson Eye Research Institute, which includes LSC faculty members Dietram Scheufele and Shiela Reaves, supports vision sciences as well as the visual arts from the UW Center for Visual Cultures. UW Art professor and national cartoonist Lynda Barry will join University of Minnesota neuroscientist Trenton Jerde to discuss  how drawing expands the human brain in space, movement and visual expression. Open to the public, this is the third symposium since 2008 among UW faculty across campus dedicated to the intersections of vision sciences and visual culture.

More information can be found here.