students communicate the importance of nutrition in the dietetics and nutrition club

The Dietetics and Nutrition Club is a student organization specifically catered to students interested in nutrition, primarily those majoring in dietetics.

Org Booth copy“As a club, we organize group volunteer opportunities, share relevant job openings, discuss current issues in the nutrition field and promote socialization between members through various club activities,” said Sarah Dreifke, junior double majoring in LSC and Dietetics.

Along with the activities members participate in, DNC partner with different community organizations including: Madison Farmers Market, Porchlight—which provides food, housing and counseling for homeless in Dane county, and the Second Harvest Food Pantry.

“As a club we also work within the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences for different events including CALS’ Day for Kids,” said Dreifke.

Since many skills required for a dietitian or anyone in the health profession includes communicating, classes offered through LSC are key.

“It is important to be able to take the complex science of nutrition and be able to communicate it in a way that a majority of people will understand,” said Dreifke. “LSC provides courses not only on oral communication but also classes that develop your writing skills and expose you to other forms of communication such as social media, videography and photography.”Spring 2012 copy
DNC’s main goals are to provide members with networking and volunteer opportunities while developing experience, knowledge and creating a fun atmosphere.

“It was very beneficial for me to meet other students within the program – including ones who were also double majoring in LSC to share their knowledge on classes, work experience,” explained Dreifke. “DNC also has granted me the opportunity to network with local dietitians from the Madison area.”

If you are interested in joining DNC, or learning more, you can visit their website here.

Article written by Lauren Etter, Undergraduate Digital Marketing Strategist. Photos submitted by the Dietetics and Nutrition Club.