lsc senior lauren etter brings her writing and cooperative management skills to an internship at the credit union executive society this summer

As summer draws to a close, LSC senior Lauren Etter shared with those of us at Hiram Smith Hall how she has applied her coursework in writing, marketing and cooperatives in an internship with the Credit Union Executive Society (CUES) this summer. Thank you for sharing Lauren!

What appealed to you about interning with Credit Union Executive Society (CUES) and what have been your day-to-day tasks?

“What interested me the most about interning for CUES was the work that I was going to be able to do under such experienced editors. I knew that they would provide me great feedback on the articles that I wrote and that they would help me become a better writer. On a day-to-day basis I am given assignments to report on. From there I set up interviews with CEO’s or other members of credit unions. Then I write articles that are then published for CUES monthly magazine, CU Management or for their online edition at I also attend editorial, design, and social media meetings throughout the months.”

How is the experience going so far and how are you applying what you’ve learned in LSC and CALS in the “real world”?

“While at the end of my 12-week internship it has gone perfect. I have learned so much from the editors that I worked with and my writing has really grown. I have taken a few writing and marketing classes in the LSC department as well as a class on cooperatives. So with the previous background knowledge that LSC and CALS has taught me I feel as though I was able to come prepared with knowledge of how credit unions work and how to write on them.”

How do you feel the opportunity to intern with the CUES this summer will inform your involvement on campus in the fall and your longer-term professional development?

“I feel that CUES has given me the chance to grow as a writer and possibly do some freelance writing for different campus newspapers or online resources. It has also given me a great in site to the daily life of a reporter!”

Outside of the classroom, Lauren also works as a certified Veterinary Technician at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Veterinary School in the Small Animal Emergency Department, applying Veterinary Technician degree she earned before coming to UW-Madison. She also volunteers for the Dane Country Friends of Feral spay day programs and Lakeshore Nature Preserve.