Lloyd and Genevieve Bostian Life Sciences Communication Scholarship

Dr. Lloyd Bostian is originally from North Carolina where he received his B.S. from North Carolina State University at Raleigh. He received his M.S. in Agricultural Journalism (now LSC) in 1955 and completed his Ph.D. Mass Communications in 1959. He was hired by the Department of Agricultural Journalism in 1959 as a professor and taught his entire career until he retired in 1994. His research focused on the effectiveness of print media, the impact of technical and scientific writing styles, readership, and the use of technical information. He also examined the communication habits of Wisconsin women employed outside the home. Genevieve joined the Daughters of Demeter organization in 1955 and has remained involved with the service organization for over 50 years, including filling leadership roles like President and Vice President, historian, and leader of the sewing worship.

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Lloyd & Genevieve Bostian LSC Scholarship recipients, listed below in alphabetical order.

Kainat Mian

Majors: Life Sciences Communication and Neurobiology

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Receiving this scholarship is an incredible honor that I am so grateful for. For the school year of 2020-2021, I chose not to move back to campus in order to save money on rent, food, transportation, etc. While I did benefit from not having to pay for these expenses, I lost out on a large part of my educational experience by not being on campus. While I tried my best to stay involved virtually, not being able to live on campus negatively impacted my educational experience and it was hard to feel like a Badger at times. This scholarship will allow me to be able to move back to campus next year and finally be immersed in UW Madison’s warm and vibrant community.

Future goals: My future career aspirations are in the medical field. I plan on graduating from UW-Madison and then applying to and, hopefully, attending medical school. Becoming a doctor will give me the tools necessary to make a real impact in the lives of people, and also help those in need. In addition, I can be involved in science and its discoveries through my work, and use the skills I gained from my education in LSC to communicate this science to colleagues and patients. I am still exploring what kind of doctor I want to become as there are so many fields to choose from and they are all fascinating in their own right.

Carmen Nightfall

Major: Life Sciences Communication with a certificate Environmental Studies

Thanks to the generous LSC scholarships, I will be able to get a new computer. A new computer will aid communication and analytic skills development and allow for easier interfacing and involvement as it makes video calls easier. One of my focus areas of interest in LSC is computer assisted/computer-learning data analysis. The software and applications needed for this kind of computer-programming greatly strain my current computer, often resulting in lost data and time from computer crashes. With a new computer that is now within reach thanks to LSC scholarships, instead of spending time re-doing code, re-writing, or re-creating presentations, my analysis projects will be completed faster and can involve more complicated machine-learning techniques with an updated computer processor.

Future goals: My academic interests include data analytics because it allows us to identify aspects and the nature of relationships of variables in life and in science. How to effectively communicate those aspects and relationships is paramount to moving toward greater understanding, sharing of science, and dissemination in vernacular relevant to audiences. My career plans include engaging with data and Native Nations, data and genetics, and data and ecology/microbiology and sharing the richness of discovery in that data. As a Native student, it is important that there be Native sovereignty of Native data, and I wish to forward that endeavor and empower those of Native Nations to do the same. Though I do not know exactly in what form my career will manifest, it will greatly involve creation of projects, research, use of data analytics, and translating illuminated relationships into understandable and usable knowledge.