University of Wisconsin–Madison

Non-degree Graduate Students

The Department of Life Sciences Communication at UW-Madison offers science communication courses that can help a scientist better communicate his or her research to various audiences. They can be taken individually or as part of our Ph.D. Minor or Professional Studies M.S. LSC also offers a full Ph.D. program and Thesis Master’s Degree.

Courses for Non-Degree Graduate Students:

  • LSC 350: Visualizing Science and Technology
  • LSC 430: Communicating Science with Narrative
  • LSC 432: Social Media for the Life Sciences
  • LSC 440: Contemporary Comm. Technologies and their Social Effects
  • LSC 444: Native American Environmental Issues and the Media
  • LSC 450: Documentary Photography for the Sciences
  • LSC 532: Web Design for the Sciences
  • LSC 560: Scientific Writing
  • LSC 614: Advanced Video Production
  • LSC 617: Health Communication in the Information Age
  • LSC 625: Risk Communication
  • LSC 660: Data Analysis Communication Research
  • LSC 700: Colloquium in Life Sciences Communication
  • LSC 720: Introduction to Communication Theory and Research
  • LSC 806: Conceptualization and Design of Mass Communication Research
  • LSC 823: Science and Environment Communication
  • LSC 875: Special Topics: Qualitative Research Methods in Science Comm.
  • LSC 875: Special Topics: Quantitative Research Methods in Science Comm.
  • LSC 875: Special Topics: Science and Social Media
  • LSC 902:  Public Opinion of Life Science Issues

More information and a full list of courses can be found here.