LSC 875: Politics, Science, and Public Engagment – Fall 2022

The department of Life Sciences Communication is a world leader in science communication research, education and practice. We invite graduate and professional students to join us this fall for LSC 875: Politics, Science, and Public Engagement

The 3-credit course will be taught by Professor Mike Xenos, and is scheduled on Thursdays from 1:20-3:15 PM

This graduate seminar focuses on the intersections of science, politics, and communication, and their implications for meaningful public engagement with science, particularly in the context of controversial science and technology issues. A fundamental premise of our journey is that a solid understanding of public engagement with today’s controversial science issues requires deep knowledge of core concepts and theories of political polarization, attitudes, and information processing, especially in the context of contemporary digital media environments.

Our primary focus will be on how these concepts and theories are applied in contemporary research on public engagement with science, though we will also consider how such applications may potentially offer new and unique opportunities for deeper understanding of broader dynamics of contemporary communication.

Current UW-Madison students can enroll for the course using Course Search and Enroll.