Q&A with Lynn Bartholomew, LSC’s Academic Advising Manager

Life Sciences Communication’s (LSC) Academic Advising Manager Lynn Bartholomew has been busy getting to know LSC’s students and keeping the department’s academic affairs running smoothly during her first year with the department. But Lynn is more than just a student advisor — she is also one of the driving forces behind the high-demand major and the addition of innovative new classes to the curriculum.

LSC’s Academic Advisor Lynn Batholomew (right) advises students on class selection, career development and more.

Q: Can you describe what you currently do?

A: I am the Academic Advising Manager for the Department of Life Sciences Communication. Essentially, I’m the undergraduate advisor for the department, covering both the major and the certificate. I also do campus referrals, whether that be to University Health Services (UHS), McBurney, or other advisors. I work on curriculum and enrollment management, which means if there’s a new LSC class, such as Bret Shaw’s LSC 480: Culturally Responsive Science Communication, I help get it through university governance. During the semester, I’m involved in planning and organizing LSC events.

Q: What was your educational journey that led you to this position?

A: I graduated from UW-River Falls with a B.S. in marketing communications with a minor in technical writing. At the time, I was interested in agricultural marketing, and I went on to work for an agricultural manufacturer. I realized I didn’t enjoy agricultural marketing but loved working with students, which led me to get my Master’s in Student Affairs Administration from UW-La Crosse. I worked in career services for the College of Science and Health at UW-La Crosse, where I did transfer advising for them during the summer, career advising during the academic year, and an internship with TRIO, which is a student support service equivalent to the PEOPLE program on campus. Getting experience there led me to this job, and I knew it was the perfect fit for me based on my communication and advising experience.

Q: Do you have a rough estimate of how many students you advise?

A: We have about 300 students between the Life Sciences Communication undergraduate degree and the Science Communication Certificate. We have a significant number of double majors, because our program is a great complement to any major on campus. You learn so much transferable knowledge in the LSC major that will help you in your future career. You could be a double major with anything — you could be a double major with Genetics or Computer Science. Our most common double major right now is Global Health.

Q: What do you look forward to going into the workweek?

A: I enjoy meeting with students to learn about what they’re excited about in class. In LSC 515: Social Marketing Campaigns in Science, Health and the Environment, they’re currently working on their capstone projects with University Health Services, which they are truly enjoying. The other part of my work I look forward to is working with the student staff and other colleagues and faculty. I can’t do a lot of what I do without them.

Q: How would you describe the work you do in three words?

A: Challenging, rewarding, and fun.

Q: What’s something you wish students knew about you?

A: I do improv, which is really fun. I took a class last summer and I’m taking one this spring. It’s a great stress reliever, and as a lifelong learner I just enjoy taking classes. I took a pottery class last fall, and I had a lot of fun learning a new skill. I also love listening to podcasts.

Written by: Sarah Matysiak, LSC B.S. ’24 and LSC’s 2023-2024 Lenore Landry Scholar
Published: March 2024