LSC student and alumni panel provide valuable perspectives for prospective UW-Madison students

Panelists from left to right included LSC alumnus and Prospective Student Program Coordinator in CALS, Ben Salomon, as well as LSC majors Halei Heinzel, Cindy Dong, and Katie Cervenka.

The Department of Life Sciences Communication (LSC) recently organized a panel that featured both current LSC students and alumni during the Experience Wisconsin Open House. The panel offered prospective UW-Madison students and their families a glimpse into the distinctive experiences within the LSC program. Their discussion covered topics from coursework to internships to research opportunities, highlighting the valuable opportunities and knowledge within LSC.

“LSC is a diverse major, attracting students from various fields like agriculture, healthcare, environment, psychology, sociology, and political science. The panel showcased the versatility of an LSC major for gaining experience through internships, research, and on-campus opportunities,” says Lynn Bartholomew, LSC’s Academic Advising Manager.

The LSC student panel, which included Prospective Student Program Coordinator in CALS and LSC alum Ben Salomon, LSC major Halei Heinzel, LSC and Global Health major Cindy Dong, and Katie Cervenka, a double major in LSC and Wildlife Ecology with an Environmental Studies certificate, expanded on how LSC prepared them for their future careers.

When the panelists were asked about knowledge developed during their time in the LSC program, Ben emphasized how LSC teaches students to understand the basis of people’s decisions and perceptions, leading to more productive conversations about divisive topics such as politics, science, and other social issues. This understanding is directly applicable to many job settings. Other panelists spoke about the design, photography, and video classes in LSC that aligned with their internships, coursework, and future career aspirations.

Ben further highlighted the practical application of LSC in his career, saying, “I use what I learned during my time in LSC every day.” He shared his experience working as the Prospective Student Program Coordinator in CALS, where he needed to communicate the same idea to students with diverse backgrounds and perceptions. He emphasized how his LSC knowledge helps him deliver the core message using different approaches and media, all aimed at achieving the same outcome.

LSC student and alumni panel answering questions from prospective students and their families.

Cindy summed up her LSC experience by saying, “With only 24 required credits for the LSC major, I have the freedom to choose from diverse courses while still having the flexibility to explore other subjects. This approach has allowed me to gain the necessary knowledge that employers seek while pursuing other interests.”

The valuable insights shared during the panel undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the prospective students and their families, exemplifying the unique opportunities and enriching experiences that LSC offers.

“The LSC major prepares students to hit the ground running in various industries and communications roles. With each event like this one, I’m always thrilled to learn new things about where the LSC degree is taking our students and graduates,” says Michael Xenos, LSC professor and director of undergraduate studies.




Written by: Jocelyn Cao, LSC M.S. ’23
Published: November 2023