LSC 332: Print and Electronic Media Design Summer 2022

LSC 332:Print and Electronic Media Design

Duration: 8 weeks
Credits: 3

Science needs to be communicated effectively to make an impact in today’s world. This design class for non-designers will help with just that as student scientists learn to be more effective visual communicators. Students will learn design skills that will make them stand out during poster sessions and presentations (e.g., PowerPoint and Google Slides), in technical reports, and in social media posts. This class was created to teach student scientists how to effectively communicate about science with the public, other scientists, and stakeholder groups.

LSC 332 is an online asynchronous course that uses science communication theory and hands-on design practice that you can apply to any work that is interesting to you. For example, students can choose to work on a research poster, fact sheet, technical report, or presentation slides. LSC 332 is a five-week online asynchronous course that runs from June 13 to July 17, 2022. This course counts toward the LSC majorundergraduate science communication certificate, and Digital Studies certificate.

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