LSC affiliate faculty member selected as an ICA fellow

LSC affiliate faculty member Michael Xenos .

LSC affiliate faculty member Michael Xenos has been selected as an International Communication Association (ICA) fellow. Xenos’s induction was ratified by a vote of the ICA Board of Directors at the organization’s annual conference in Washington, D.C. at the end of May.

Xenos is LSC’s third-ever ICA fellow, “It’s an incredible honor to join my fellow LSC colleagues, Dietram Scheufele and Dominique Brossard, as well as so many other great scholars in the field as an ICA Fellow,” said Xenos.

Being an ICA fellow is a status that recognizes distinguished scholarly contributions to the broad field of communication. Xenos’s research and teaching interests are centered on the effects of new media on political engagement and public deliberation. His primary focus is on the extent to which the internet and social media may help individuals learn about political issues, form opinions, and participate in politics. Xenos is, also, a co-principal investigator in the Science, Media and the Public (SCIMEP) research group with Dominique Brossard and Dietram Scheufele.

A formal announcement by the ICA of Xenos’s induction will occur later this summer. Stay tuned for more details.