The start to a new school year provides plenty of opportunities for students

As the summer comes to a close, we are excited to welcome new and returning students from across the state and world to LSC’s home in Hiram Smith Hall.

In the coming weeks, LSC students will explore the theory and practice of subjects at the cutting edge of science communication. Some students will begin research projects and work on manuscripts that may be published in academic journals. Other students will create multimedia projects, design original websites and media content.

LSC courses focus on topics that allow for students to be competitive in the job market. This includes learning techniques of effective communication in the life sciences industries, such as the principles of visual communication, understanding audiences, and the importance of public opinion. Students will also explore the use of technologies to represent science in different media and evaluate the characteristics and spread of new communication technologies.

More information on the LSC courses offered this semester can be found in the UW Course Guide.

Outside the classroom, LSC and the University of Wisconsin-Madison offer various avenues for students to get involved, including research, volunteering, student organizations and other community outreach. We encourage all students to get involved!

“As classes begin, the faculty and staff at the Department of Life Sciences Communication are looking forward to fostering lasting relationships and creating an energetic community that furthers the growth of budding leaders in the field of science communication and beyond,” said Dominique Brossard, chair of LSC.

Go forth, get involved, and seize the opportunity of a new school year.

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