Spring semester greets students with spectrum of opportunities

Hiram Smith Hall has been quiet over winter recess and LSC is excited to welcome students back for the spring semester. We hope our students have returned to campus feeling restored and invigorated.

This semester will be the first for some LSC students, and the last for many of our seniors. But for all, the new semester brings a host of opportunities.

LSC Students wait for a class in Hiram Smith Hall's Sumner Student Lounge.

LSC Students wait for a class in Hiram Smith Hall’s Sumner Student Lounge.

With courses on social media, video production and much more, the versatility of LSC curriculum allows students to craft their education. This and every semester, students will learn both the theoretical foundations and tools of the trade that will prepare them for success in a variety of communication careers. And outside the classroom, LSC and the University of Wisconsin-Madison offer many avenues for students to get involved, including research, volunteeringstudent organizationsand other community outreach.

“It’s remarkable to experience the energy students bring back campus this time of year,” says LSC chair Dominique Brossard. “In an era of rapid technological change and media convergence, LSC is dedicated to helping students stay at the forefront of trends in science communication. We’re excited to dive back in to a new semester and help students take charge of their futures.”

Embrace the potential of a new semester.

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