LSC offers online courses this summer for undergrads, grads, and non-majors alike

Summer is right around the corner and the Department of Life Sciences Communication is offering a variety of classes to educate undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree students in both the theoretical and applied side of science communication.  LSC is offering five classes this summer and each are online allowing students to enroll from all over the world.

Classes include LSC 350: Visualizing Science and Technology, an introductory course on the visual communication of science taught by professor Shiela Reaves. This online course overviews the principles of design, perception, and cognition, and outlines techniques used to portray science in the media.  Students explore visual communication through illustrated lectures and visual image analysis in both written assignments and team presentations.

LSC’s five online classes provide UW students around the globe the opportunity to participate.

LSC faculty affiliate Don Stanley is teaching LSC 432: Social Media in the Life Sciences, an online course overviewing the foundations of content marketing.  The course outlines effective digital marketing strategies and explores how social media can be leveraged for success.  Students learn tools for social media communication specific to the sciences and are tasked with building their personal social media presence.

LSC professor Dietram Scheufele will be offering an online version of LSC 251: Science, Media and Society for students interested in exploring the intersections of science and society. In a world of quickly evolving scientific discoveries, LSC 251 helps students understand the relationship between science and the difficult ethical, legal, and societal questions that often arise from emerging technologies. Student are exposed to key communication theories and are challenged to recognize this framework in current public debates.  The course is especially relevant for undergraduate students studying the biological or physical sciences or engineering, as it brings helpful perspective to the relevance of their field in societal conversations.

Professor Patty Loew‘s ethnic studies course, LSC 444: Native American Environmental Issues and the Media, is once again being offered online this summer.  The course explores public understanding and media coverage of Native American environmental issues.  Topics include treaty rights, air and water quality, land-into-trust, and sacred sites among others. Additionally, students are challenged to analyze the constraints of media coverage on community relationships.

This year the department is introducing a brand new course to our online curriculum: LSC 560: Scientific Writing.  This course serves as an introduction to writing about science for seniors and graduate students in the sciences.  Students learn to improve their writing and communication skills for scientific and lay audiences in the format of a traditional journal article and content for a broader audience.  The course is taught by award-winning science writer and LSC senior lecturer Ron Seely and is also open to professionals in life sciences industries.

More information on each of the courses offered this summer can be found in the UW Course Guide.