LSC courses offer exciting opportunities for learning this summer

LSC is continuing its commitment to student learning through four stimulating summer classes.  Courses vary in topic from social media to visual communication, and this year three of the four classes are offered online to allow students across the globe to experience the LSC curriculum.

Online classes provide UW students around the globe the opportunity to participate in LSC coursework.

“We are proud of our portfolio of three online courses this summer, from ethnic studies to social media and visualizing science. UW students living anywhere in the country or around the globe can earn UW credit with Internet access. For instance, my online students include some currently based in Europe, South America and the Middle East,” notes Shiela Reaves, LSC Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Classes include LSC 100: Science and Storytelling, where freshmen students are taught the secrets of succeeding in college writing and research. Students learn techniques for gathering and evaluating information, efficient ways to use the UW libraries, find their academic writing voice and relax into effective oral presentations. Professor Reaves is teaching the course with the help of two graduate students.

Additionally, Professor Reaves teaches LSC 350: Visualizing Science and Technology, an introductory course on the visual communication of science.  This online course overviews the principles of design, perception, cognition, as well as the techniques used to portray science in the media.  Students have the opportunity to explore visual communication through illustrated lectures and visual image analysis, both in written assignments and team presentations.

“For our third year of teaching LSC 350 online, we made changes so that nearly 60 students from across campus could enroll. About one-third of our students are LSC majors. I really enjoy seeing student confidence expand as they become more articulate about how and why visual images work in communicating science and the arts,” Reaves said.

Faculty Associate Don Stanley is teaching LSC 432: Social Media in the Life Sciences, an online course which explores the foundations of content marketing.  Students learn tools for social media communication specific to the sciences and are tasked with building their personal social media presence.  Additionally, students create a media plan and formulate effective digital marketing strategies.

Lastly Professor Patty Loew‘s popular ethnic studies course, LSC 444: Native American Environmental Issues and the Media, was added to LSC’s online portfolio this year.  The course explores public understanding and media coverage of Native American environmental issues.  Topics include treaty rights, air and water quality, land-into-trust, and sacred sites among others. Additionally, students are challenged to analyze the constraints of media coverage on community relationships.