Announcing the winners of the first “My LSC” contest

The Department of Life Sciences Communication (LSC) is happy to announce the winners of its first “My LSC” contest. Molly Sequin earned first place, Travis Senn second place, and Olivia Riedel third.

The My LSC contest started this semester as a way for students to tell their story about the people, places, experiences, and memories that have shaped their time in the department. Students could submit entries in the form of a blog, photographs, or video. Submissions needed to speak to their time here and beyond, such as what LSC means to them, why they chose it as their major, what they want to do with their LSC degree, and more.

To reward their hard work, the top three winners will receive multiple prizes. The top three students will receive $500, $300, and $200, respectively. Their work will also be showcased on the LSC website and social media channels, as well as displayed on the first floor of Hiram Smith Hall. Anyone is invited to stop by and view the students’ work.

“It was amazing to see all of the excellent submissions and how well students were able to apply the communication knowledge they had acquired through their LSC classes,” LSC chair Dominique Brossard said. “We are grateful to the LSC alumni and friends who have made this contest possible through their generous donations.”

Molly Sequin, the first place winner of the My LSC contest, highlights how she landed a great internship with the skills she gained in LSC. To view the full photo story click here.

Sequin, the first place winner, submitted a photo story detailing how she came to learn about how LSC can help her communicate the importance of conservation biology.

“I really liked the idea of telling my story through pictures and captions in order to share how much LSC has impacted my life since joining the major,” she said. “I’m extremely thankful for everyone I have connected with in the department so far and the experiences they have shared with me, and can’t wait to see what opportunities are ahead for me.”

Travis Senn showcased his video skills in his submission. His excellent video shooting and production techniques impressed the judges, who work in communications for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. His video earned him second place in the contest.

“Through the My LSC contest, the department provided me with a platform to showcase my skills and passions,” Senn said. “As I grow older and graduation approaches, any opportunities to build my reputation in the industry and receive gratification for all the work I’ve put into my passions are much appreciated.”

Science communication theories are what have stood out to Olivia Reidel during her time in LSC. In her blog post “What LSC Means to Me,” she writes about the importance of building trust in communication and how increases in knowledge don’t always equal behavior change.

The final slide in Sequin's winning photo story is a tribute to her time at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and LSC.
The final slide in Sequin’s winning photo story is a tribute to her time at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and LSC.

“My experiences with LSC have not only given me the tools I need to be an effective and compassionate communicator, but LSC has also transformed and shaped how I see myself making an impact in public health and global health,” she said. “I cannot say enough great things about all of the LSC classes I’ve taken, and I cannot wait to build on all of my communications skills throughout my career.”

LSC wants to thank all of the students who entered the first My LSC contest and will continue the contest once per year.