LSC student selected for 40 Chances Fellow Program

Kate Griswold UW-Madison LSCAgriculture Future of America and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation have selected 40 students to take part in the 40 Chances Fellows Program. One of them is LSC student Kate Griswold!

This year, Griswold was selected by AFA to be a part of the 40 Chances Fellows program.

“The program is about giving 40 freshman the opportunity to focus on professional and leader development, as well as giving them some individual coaching,” said Derek Mulhern, program coordinator. “

The overarching goal of the Buffet foundation is to improve standards of living and food security for the world’s most impoverished population.

The 40 Chances Fellows will spend extensive time exploring agriculture and food-related issues, especially related to addressing world hunger. As the agriculture industry is faced with feeding more people with fewer resources, this next generation of agriculture leaders has many challenges and opportunities. The program’s objective is to give this group of student leaders an edge when it comes time to graduate, equipping them to make significant contributions to agriculture and food-related issues.

Griswold was one of 40 students chosen to take part on the fellowship. One hundred and sixty freshman students who attended the AFA Leaders Conference last fall were eligible for the honor.

She is a sophomore in UW-Madison Life Sciences Communication, with certificates in Leadership and International Ag. On campus, she is involved in National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA)Association of Women in Agriculture at UW-Madison, CALS Ambassadors, and Collegiate Farm Bureau at UW-Madison. She is also a member of CALS Student Association and Badger Dairy Club. This past summer she interned at John Deere.

Griswold plans to pursue a career in agricultural marketing, sales and communications, with the big-picture goal of helping consumers connect to farmers and better understand food production.