lsc students communicate environmental sciences through a new student org on campus

The Environmental Sciences Organization. is a brand new student organization formed this past semester by a group of students interested in environmental sciences.

822a3bd0f3f64a6e94f62407fe43e764The goals of this organization are to: bring together undergraduate students who are majoring or interested in environmental science in fellowship, promote collaboration with disciplines related to environmental science in the UW-Madison community, and advocate for environmental science awareness in the Madison community.

“The ESO plans on working with community organizations that have an interest in working with the environment,” said Chris Wirz, ESO member majoring in Life Sciences Communication and Environmental Sciences with an Environmental Studies certificate.

Since ESO is a new student organization, the group is working to finalize their status as a registered student org on campus. They are also striving to build a strong and lasting partnership with the University.

One thing the ESO is trying to accomplish is being able to communicate the importance of environmental sciences the others. “An underlying theme in LSC is the ability to communicate complex scientific information from researchers and academia to the general public in a way that is not only easy to comprehend, but also applicable and relevant to their everyday lives,” said Wirz.

LSC students like Wirz are using the communication tools taught in their LSC classes to spread the word and network with community researchers and academia about relevant environmental topics.

“Having a network of students that are taking similar classes and have similar interests is both unique and useful,” explained Wirz. “Being able to recommend classes and other extra curricular activities is a great way to strengthen the major and field of interest.”

If you are interested in joining ESO, or learning more, you can visit their website at

Article written by Lauren Etter, Undergraduate Digital Marketing Strategist.