lsc students are gaining real-world marketing experience through uw-madison nama

The National Agri-Marketing Association, otherwise known as NAMA, is a national association for professionals in marketing and agribusiness. Here on campus many LSC students have joined the UW-Madison NAMA chapter under the guidance of LSC Faculty Associate Sarah Botham

nama“We are affiliated with Badger NAMA, the professional organization in the area comprised of agri-marketers in a variety of fields, many of whom are LSC grads,” said Taylor Fritsch, a junior studying LSC and Agriculture & Applied Economics.

Members of UW-Madison NAMA interact often with Badger NAMA members creating an environment where students are able to grow professionally. Throughout the year, the students have the opportunity to tour agricultural businesses in the region, listen to guest speakers, and provide professional development workshops.

“Most prominently, NAMA members participate in the national student marketing contest,” said Fritsch. “Our marketing team selects a real agricultural product and creates a detailed business proposition and marketing strategy. We then present at NAMA’s national conference.”

To show how great UW’s NAMA chapter is, last year they took fourth place nationwide. The team created a proposal for Easy-Al, an innovative reproduction tool for the dairy industry. This year UW-MadisonNAMA members hope to reach the finals again while presenting in Kansas City, Mo.

The UW-Madison NAMA Chapter has finished in the top four nationally in six of the last eight years and is “a recognized leader by schools across the country,” said Sarah Botham. “It is such a privilege to work with the NAMA students and the marketing team. I get a front-row seat at the best show of real-world learning and development on this campus and I am ever-awed by the brilliance and commitment of these wonderful students.”

Alongside learning the ropes in agribusiness and marketing, NAMA members are working to launch a community and campus educational outreach program that focuses on promoting agriculture to the community.

“As marketers we understand the need to educate consumers on where their food comes from as well as common agricultural practices,” explained Mara Budde, LSC and Dairy Science senior and this year’s president of the UW-Madison NAMA chapter.

groupnamaMembers are able to take what they have learned through LSC and NAMA and apply it in their future careers. “NAMA members are consistently hand-picked for key positions in the business world because employers understand the value of the experience that this organization provides,” Botham said. “It is the classroom of the real world, and nothing matches that.”

“NAMA prepares the next generation of leaders in agri-marketing for a career with professional opportunities, career development workshops and hands-on marketing experience. By the time students graduate, they will have the skills and confidence needed to be successful in their chosen career pathway,” said Budde.

If you are interested in joining NAMA, or learning more, you can visit their website at

Article written by Lauren Etter, Undergraduate Digital Marketing Strategist. Photos submitted by UW-Madison NAMA and edited by Jill Peters, Undergraduate Photographer.