lsc students learn through visual storytelling

LSC students are learning to use photography to tell a visual story in Professor Shiela Reaves‘ Photography for the Sciences class, LSC 450, this semester.

studentlsc450“Students learn how to photograph and the art of picture editing,” explained Reaves, who is also the Director of Undergraduate Studies. “They learn what a trained visual eye looks for in professional photographs.”

Throughout the semester students take a variety of photographs depending on the week’s assignment. Topics include: your favorite place, patterns and direction, motion, environmental portraits, and odd pairs.

“I emphasize neuro-aesthetics to show students that these photographic concepts are easy for our visual brain,” said Reaves.

As students prepare for their final project—a portfolio consisting of seven still photos telling a digital story through visual and audio cues—they receive continuous feedback by their peers.

“My favorite exercise is called, ‘fast editing response,’” says Reaves. During the exercise student select four images of their own and place them on their computer. Then, each student will go around the classroom and stick a post-it note next to which image they believe is the best.

“Students learn that sometimes they overlook their best work,” explained Reaves.

screenshotLSC and Neuroscience major Lauren Pietila was referred to Reaves’ class because it has a lot to do with neuroscience.

“It’s allowing me to develop the right side of my brain a little more and to become more creative in problem solving,” said Pietila.

By the end the semester students learn the importance of photography in a visual world and have created a portfolio which they can use as they begin interviewing for jobs.

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Article written by Lauren Etter, Undergraduate Digital Marketing Strategist. Photos by Jill Peters, Undergraduate Photographer.