lsc students compose thought-provoking documentaries using still photography

The saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words.”  Well, what about entire movies filled with them?

That’s the premise for Sheila Reaves’ LSC 450 class, Photography for the Sciences.  In this class taught in the spring, students explore the concept of composing and editing still photography to create documentaries for science and agricultural features and illustration.  Each student is given the opportunity to tell their own story about something that is meaningful to them.

Below are four videos created by students who took the class last spring.  As is always the case with LSC students, their work turned out to be exceptional.  While the videos covered different subject matter, each one was exceedingly successful at captivating the audience and educating them on the topic at hand.

Christiania Hittner, a grad student, discusses her trip to Haiti and the problems that individuals there face.

Kate Mansfield, a student/athlete, discusses her rowing team and the daily commitment to their sport and teammates.

Karla Manning, a PhD student, discusses the racial stereotypes that minorities in the U.S. face and how they can help manage and change these frequently negative perceptions.

Joy Pehler discusses her father’s career choice as the owner of an artificial insemination business.

As you can see each of these students have done an exceptional job of utilizing still photographs to tell their story. Sprinkling in though-provoking questions, humor and charm, each one paints a vivid picture of worlds that many people do not have access to.

These are just a few examples of the excellent work that LSC students, both undergraduate and graduate, continue to produce. We look forward to seeing the excellent work continue!

Article written by Tim Schley, Undergraduate Digital Marketing Strategist