alexandra branscombe receives two prestigious scholarships

Alexandra Branscombe, a fifth-year senior in LSC, has received the J.W. Watt Agricultural Journalism Memorial Scholarship and the Douglas D. Sorenson Scholarship.

The J.W. Watt Agricultural Journalism Memorial Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate or graduate students who are majoring in Agricultural Journalism or Life Sciences Communication. The Douglas D. Sorenson Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate and graduate students from rural Wisconsin areas majoring in Soil Science, Plant Science, Agricultural Journalism, or Life Sciences Communication.

Branscombe, who is double majoring in Biological Aspects of Conservation and LSC, said that she was excited and grateful to be the recipient of these two scholarships.

“As a student who has always had to work to support myself financially, I always felt limited in my ability to explore my passions in extra-curricular avenues,” she explained.  “Thanks to these scholarships, the financial stress is released, and I am able to take advantage of the diverse programming around campus.”

Branscombe said that while she has no set plans for her future, her career goal is to work for an environmental NGO (non-governmental organization) or governmental group.

“I am passionate about working either in Brazil or with Brazilian/South American groups to build sustainable policy and supporting social justice to groups affected by deforestation, mining, and other degradation that threatens their livelihood,” said Branscombe.

While she doesn’t have much time left before she graduates, Branscombe is very grateful for everything the university, CALS, and LSC has given her through her academic career.

“This gift has given me the opportunity to use all that I have learned here and begin to give back to the community.  In this last year of my education, I hope that I can pass on as much knowledge and support to other undergraduate students as I can.”

Let’s all congratulate Alexandra on a job well done!  She will surely accomplish great things in the future!

Article written by Tim Schley, Undergraduate Digital Marketing Strategist