LSC 560: Scientific Writing

LSC 560: Scientific Writing will be offered online in summer 2018. This five-week online course focuses on helping professionals, scientists, and researchers become better writers and communicators of scientific information, whether writing for scientific journals or general publications aimed at lay audiences.

The course is structured to build skills in three key areas: bringing clarity and simplicity to language; recognizing and using storytelling elements to better communicate complex science; and learning how to use tools such as analogy and definition to make scientific information more accessible.  Throughout the course, students will monitor current media coverage to explore the subject of science and society and the growing importance of clear, accurate communication for scientific information in fields ranging from medicine, to chemistry and physics.

The course is being taught by LSC senior lecturer and award-winning journalist/science writer Ron Seely. This course is open to current students and professionals.

Information for non-degree seeking professionals:

Those who are not current UW-Madison students will need to apply as a “special student” in order to enroll in this course. The cost to apply is free; however, it’s critical to apply at least one month prior to the start of class. The special student application can be found online.

Applicants will be asked to select their student status in the application.  Most likely, individuals interested in LSC 560 will fall under the category of UNDS (Professional Development or Personal Interest) or UNRS (Preparation for Admission to Graduate or Professional School).

Please Note: The special student application asks for a statement of interest, but this can be a short sentence stating the class of interest.

Information about special student tuition and fees can be found on the Adult Career and Special Student Services’ tuition and fees webpage.

For additional information on special student status, refer to the university special student section of the UW-Madison Continuing Studies website.