Jenne Meyer

Room 335

Jenne Meyer, Ph.D. is a Marketing & Brand professional and lecturer for marketing within Life Sciences Communication. She is the VP of Brand for ERDMAN, a healthcare company that solves complex healthcare challenges. Prior to joining ERDMAN, she worked at GE Healthcare where she led the development of healthcare education globally, establishing education institutes in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden. Prior to GE, Meyer led several new business development projects within Enthusiast Services at Harley-Davidson Motor Company, including leading visitor advocacy in the design of the Harley-Davidson Museum and leading the commercial launch the Rider’s Edge, Academy of Motorcycling and Travel & Tours.

Meyer serves on the Board of Directors of BizStarts, BrightLife Innovations, and Jouze. She is also a member of Golden Angels and mentors and evaluates start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Meyer completed a BA in International Relationships, a MBA, and a Ph.D. in Consumer Psychology.  She grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and lived in Milan, Italy, Gottingen, Germany and St. Petersburg, Russia. She currently lives in Madison with her husband Ross and son Weston.