Nicky Krause

Position title: Assistant Researcher


Phone: 608.620.5212

331 Hiram Smith Hall
Office Hours: By appointment.

Nicole M. Krause (Nicky) is an Assistant Researcher and Civic Science Fellow in the Department of Life Sciences Communication, where she is also a PhD Candidate. Generally, her work focuses on communication dynamics surrounding emerging or controversial science and technology, with an emphasis on topics that have profound ethical and societal implications. Examples of such topics include human gene editing and artificial intelligence, as well as topics for which public opinion has polarized in terms of group identity cleavages, as in the case of climate change. Krause holds an MA in Communication and a BA in English from the University of Illinois – Chicago, and has received professional training in visual design and user research methods. Her academic work has been published in Journal of CommunicationProceedings of the National Academy of SciencesNew Media & SocietyPublic Opinion Quarterly, and Journal of Risk Research, among other outlets.