Recent Ph.D. Graduates

Leona Yi-Fan Su2016
“Incivility in online comments: Mapping the environment and mechanisms of influence.”
First job: University of Utah

Jill Hopke, 2015
“Contesting Technologies in the Networked Society: A Case Study of Hydraulic Fracturing and Shale Development”
First job: DePaul University

Nan Li, 2015
“The science-policy interface as a communication process: Exploring how policy decision-makers perceive science-driven policy and make evidence-based decisions on the nuclear fuel cycle”
Post-doc: University of Pennsylvania
First job: Texas Tech University

Heather Akin, 2015
“The role of values, norms, and media use in public perceptions of climate change: A cross-cultural and U.S. analysis”
Post-doc: University of Pennsylvania
First job: University of Missouri

Doo-hun Choi, 2014
“The Politicization and Polarization of Science in the Process of Public Opinion Formation: Exploring How Citizens Process Information about Scientific Issues”
First job: Konkuk University

Jiyoun Kim, 2014
“The dynamics of engagement with news content in online environment: Exploring the role of normative social cues in risk communication”
First job: University of Kentucky

Camille Rogers, 2014
“A Community of (Hybrid) Practice: Identifying the Cultural Influences of Journalism, Academic Extension and Blogging Within the External PLOS Blogs Network”
First job: Naval Postgraduate School

James T. Spartz, 2014
“Public perceptions on bioenergy in a mixed-use landscape: Framing effects, trusted sources, place attachment and information seeking in southwest Wisconsin”
First job: Unity College

Sara K. Yeo, 2014
“Selecting our own science: The role of communication contexts and individual traits in media selectivity”
First job: University of Utah

Michael A. Cacciatore, 2013
“Differentiating the Applicability of Constructs from their Accessibility: Returning to a Narrow Conceptualization of Framing Effects in Communication Research”
First job: University of Georgia

Ashley A. Anderson, 2012
“The Social Context of Online News: How Incivility in Online Comments Impacts Public Perceptions of and Public Engagement with Science”
First job: Colorado State University

Kajsa Dalrymple, 2011
“Making Waves: Mass media, Opinion Leaders, and the Campaign for Environmental Change”
First Job: The University of Iowa

Timothy K. F. Fung, 2010
“Value Framing, Cultural Cognitive Systems and Cultural Cognition: Exploring How
Media Framing Effect Vary Across and Within Culture”
First Job: Hong Kong Baptist University

Andrew R. Binder, 2010
“Mass Media, the Negotiation Of Meaning, and Social Transformations of Risk: Public Opinion Dynamics Surrounding the Establishment of the National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility”
First Job: North Carolina State University

Amy B. Becker, 2010
“Fresh Politics: Comedy, Celebrity, and the Promise of New Political Outlooks”
First Job: Towson University

Tsung-Jen Shih, 2009
“Predicting Attitudes Toward Nanotechnology: The Influence of Cultural and Predispositional Values”
First Job: National Chengchi University

Sara Steffes Hansen, 2009
“Brands and Social Interaction of Avatars: An Exploration in a Virtual World”
First Job: University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Shirley Soo Yee Ho, 2008
“Value Predispositions, Communication, and Attitudes Toward Nanotechnology: The Interplay of Public and Experts”
First Job: Nanyang Technological University

Jerralyn Moudry, 2008
“Perceived Value Congruence and Family Communication Patterns As Predictors Of Parental Television Mediation”
First Job: Wisconsin Lutheran College

Roberto Garcia Rodriguez, 2008
“Centeotzintli:  Sacred Maize a 7000 Year Ceremonial Discourse”
First Job: University of Arizona

Patrisia Gonzales, 2008
“Birth is A Ceremony:  Story and Formulas of Thought In Indigenous Medicine and Indigenous Communications”
First Job: University of Arizona