Bret Shaw, LSC associate professor

Bret Shaw

314 Hiram Smith Hall

Bret Shaw is an associate professor in the Department of Life Sciences Communication and Environmental Communication Specialist for the University of Wisconsin–Extension. Among other duties, he focuses on extension/outreach activities related to campaign development by Wisconsin institutions dealing with natural resource management issues such as water quality, land use, and environmental conservation, as well as assessing the impact of these social marketing campaigns. He teaches courses on social marketing and environmental communication.

Shaw received his Ph.D. in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UW–Madison, where his teaching and research experience related to strategic communication. After completing his graduate work, he worked for three years as a market research manager in the technology industry in California.

Shaw has published in a diverse range of peer-reviewed journals including Society and Natural Resources, Journal of Environmental Psychology, Environmental Management, Social Marketing Quarterly, Lake and Reservoir Management, Energy Policy, Politics and the Life Sciences, Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture, Human Dimensions of Wildlife, American Behavioral Scientist, and Public Understanding of Science, among others.

He has also published extensively in the health communication literature with financial support from the National Institutes of Health and private philanthropic organizations, focusing on how to use technology to help people living with cancer or substance abuse disorders. He has received national and international media attention for the studies he has published.

A list of his publications on Google Scholar can be found here.