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Two faculty serve on new NAS committees on science communication and literacy

The Department of Life Sciences Communication is continuing its strong involvement in the National Academy of Sciences as chair Dominique Brossard and professor Dietram Scheufele have each been asked by the National Research Council to serve on new committees. Brossard is on a committee exploring “Science Literacy and Public Perception of Science,” while Scheufele is vice-chairing “The Science of Science Communication: A Research Agenda” with former AAAS CEO Alan Leshner. [caption id="attachment_444" align="alignright" width="217"] Dominique Brossard, LSC Chair[/caption] “Science Literacy and Public Perception of Science” will analyze data about science and health literacy and also how, or if, they are linked to public support of scientific issues. It will formulate a final report on the state of science literacy research and also identify research holes where more work needs to be done.
February 2, 2016

Junior Sarah Krier brings Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic to youth camp

Sarah Krier, a junior majoring in life sciences communication and environmental studies, had already spent two seasons as a camp counselor in Hudson. But this past summer she wanted to do something deeper: impart the teachings of Aldo Leopold to young people. [caption id="attachment_11062" align="alignleft" width="300"] LSC and environmental studies junior Sarah Krier teaches students about the work of Aldo Leopold at YMCA Camp DayCroix.[/caption] In particular she wanted to draw from a recent massive open online course (MOOC), “The Land Ethic Reclaimed: Aldo Leopold, Perceptive Hunting, and Conservation,” featuring wildlife ecology professor Tim Van Deelen. “I never fully appreciated the outdoors until my dad took me hunting when I was 12. For the first time I felt that nature is a community I’m a part of,” says Krier. While hunting was not on the camp’s agenda, the course’s overarching concepts certainly could be: “I wanted every child to be able to form ...
January 12, 2016

Spring 2016 Colloquium delivers exciting lineup

Mark your calendars: The LSC colloquium is once again bringing an exciting lineup of speakers for students and faculty alike. Attendees of the colloquium will hear from experts in risk, science communication, health communication, science and technology studies, science policy, and new information technologies, among other interesting areas. The colloquium will take place each Wednesday from 12:05 to 1 p.m. in 137 Hiram Smith Hall. This semester the colloquium was organized by LSC chair Dominique Brossard. Check out the list of speakers below. All faculty, staff, and students are welcome to attend. You can click each speakers' name for more information about them. Most importantly, after each speaker, a link by their names will take you to a video of their talk. 
January 19, 2016

Recent Publications

  • Koh, E. J., Dunwoody, S., Brossard, D., & Allgaier, J. (2016). Mapping neuroscientists’ perceptions of the nature and effects of public visibility. Science Communication.  (more…)

  • Simis, M.J., Yeo, S.K., Rose, K.M., Brossard, D., Scheufele, D.A., & Pope, B.K. (forthcoming). New media audiences’ perceptions of male and female scientists in two sci-fi movies. (more…)

  • Li, N., Brossard, D., Yi-Fan Su, L., Liang, X., Xenos, M., Scheufele, D. (2015). Policy decision-making, public involvement and nuclear energy: what do expert stakeholders think and why? (more…)

  • Hopke, J., Simis, M. (2015). Discourse over a contested technology on Twitter: A case study of hydraulic fracturing. (more…)

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