Grad students and faculty gain insights at AAAS

Three graduate students and two faculty members from LSC presented their research at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting in San Jose, California on Sunday, Feb. 15. AAAS is the world’s largest general scientific society and brings together scientists, communicators and policy makers annually to further the missions of scientific work. [caption id="attachment_10423" align="alignright" width="300"] From left to right: chair Dominique Brossard, director of graduate studies Dietram Scheufele, and graduate students Leona Yi-Fan Su, Kaine Korzekwa (department communicator) and Nan Li. Not pictured graduate student Xuan Liang.[/caption] Graduate students Leona Yi-Fan Su, Nan Li, and Xuan Liang were part of the AAAS poster session, while department chair Dominique Brossard and director of graduate studies Dietram Scheufele sat on panels in conference sessions.
February 27, 2015
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LSC students partner with nonprofits for video projects

Video can be a powerful medium for communicating scientific issues that affect our world and no one knows that better than the students who take LSC’s video production class. Groups partner with a nonprofit organization or initiative to produce a public service announcement (PSA) or advertisement for them, connecting LSC with its community. Madeline Kalicka, Scott Hennelly, Julian Cooper and Chris Lopez partnered with the Wisconsin Wetlands Association (WWA) last semester to produce a video about the importance of the natural resources that wetlands provide the state and what the organization does to preserve them. The video was so successful the WWA is now using it for fundraising and awareness purposes on its website. They also liked it so much the organization is even featuring the video at its annual conference later this month. “Making this video furthered my LSC education because I was exploring a part of LSC that I had not ...
February 13, 2015

Thai Scholars Enjoy Learning in LSC

Four journalists from Thailand studied in the Department of Life Sciences Communication this past fall semester as part of a program that has connected Thai scholars with the department since 2009. [caption id="attachment_10362" align="alignleft" width="300"] LSC celebrates the Thai scholars' time in Madison and wishes them the best of luck on their journey back to Thailand.[/caption]
January 30, 2015

Recent Publications

  • Amato, M.S., Shaw, B.R., Haack, J., & Moore, C.F. (2015) Shoreline maintenance behaviors and the structure of lake property owners’ beliefs. Lakes and Reservoir Management, 31(1), 44-49.



  • Spartz, J., Rickenbach, M. & Shaw, B.R. (2015) Bioenergy and land use change: Comparing narrative frames of agriculture and forestry. Biomass & Bioenergy, 75, 1 10. doi: 10.1016/j.biombioe.2015.01.026 (more…)

  • Yeo, S., Xenos, M., Brossard, D., Scheufele, D. (2015) Selecting Our Own Science:
    How Communication Contexts and Individual Traits Shape Information Seeking. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. March 2015. 658: 172-191. doi:10.1177/0002716214557782


  • Liang, X., Su, L. Y.-F., Yeo, S. K., Scheufele, D. A., Brossard, D., Xenos, M. A., Nealey, P., & Corley, E. A. (2014) Building buzz: (Scientists) communicating science in new media environments. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, doi: 10.1177/1077699014550092

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