LSC at the top of national rankings for research

The Department of Life Sciences Communication sits at the top of the most recent rankings released by Academic Analytics comparing national communication and media studies programs. LSC ranks among the top 10 departments for articles per faculty member, citations per faculty member, and number of awards per faculty member, as well as in the top 20 for percentage of faculty with a book publication — all despite being one of the smaller departments nationally. “Although we are not a big department, these data continue to show we are one of the elite national research programs, complementing our teaching and outreach functions,” said LSC chair Dominique Brossard. “It is great to see rankings like this and know our hard work and expertise are paying off.”
March 5, 2016

Agri-marketing team brings home national championship

The University of Wisconsin–Madison’s National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) marketing team brought home the national championship on Thursday, April 14. The students also earned $5,500 in scholarships, out of a total $9,000 up for grabs among the 30 universities present at the competition, as well as a John Deere Award. [caption id="attachment_11258" align="alignleft" width="300"] The winning NAMA marketing team from left to right: Jordan Gaal, Erica Ballmer, Jaime Sawle, Kate Griswold, Sarah Fletcher Botham (NAMA advisor), Brandon Maly, Mariah Martin, Sydney Endres and Savannah Waller.[/caption] LSC is the UW–Madison NAMA student chapter’s department sponsor and one of LSC’s faculty members has advised the chapter since it was created in 1980. Faculty associate Sarah Botham is the current faculty advisor of the chapter and marketing team. The last time the NAMA chapter took first place was in 1996, under LSC’s Tom Schomisch, who retired in 2004 and sadly passed away last year. “The students very ...
April 29, 2016

Spring 2016 Colloquium still delivering exciting lineup

Mark your calendars: The LSC colloquium is once again bringing an exciting lineup of speakers for students and faculty alike. Attendees of the colloquium will hear from experts in risk, science communication, health communication, science and technology studies, science policy, and new information technologies, among other interesting areas. The colloquium will take place each Wednesday from 12:05 to 1 p.m. in 137 Hiram Smith Hall. This semester the colloquium was organized by LSC chair Dominique Brossard. Check out the list of speakers below. All faculty, staff, and students are welcome to attend. You can click each speakers' name for more information about them. Follow @UW_LSC or #uwlsc700 on Twitter for live tweets from the talks  Most importantly, after each speaker, a link by their names will take you to a video of their talk. 
March 22, 2016

Recent Publications

  • Kim, J., Brossard, D., Scheufele, D. A., & Xenos, M. (2016). “Shared” information in the age of big data: Exploring sentiment expression related to nuclear energy on Twitter. (more…)

  • Myers, T., Kotcher, J., Stenhouse, N., Anderson, A.A., Maibach, E., Beall, L., & Leiserowitz, A. (2016). Predictors of trust in the general science & climate science research of US federal agencies. (more…)

  • Koh, E. J., Dunwoody, S., Brossard, D., & Allgaier, J. (2016). Mapping neuroscientists’ perceptions of the nature and effects of public visibility.  (more…)

  • Simis, M.J., Yeo, S.K., Rose, K.M., Brossard, D., Scheufele, D.A., & Pope, B.K. (2016). New media audiences’ perceptions of male and female scientists in two sci-fi movies.  (more…)

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